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Sizing A Belt

Saying "this should fit," while holding a belt out in front of you and cautiously scanning it up and down is not a confident way to size your belt.

How are belts measured in the wild? If you measure from the middle hole to the base of the buckle (where the leather folds over), you'll get the belt length, in inches.

How does this relate to your belt size? Take a fabric measuring tape and measure around your body, just above your hips (imagine where a pair of well-fitting pants would sit). If the number is even, add 2 inches; if the number is odd, add 3. That will give you your belt size. Alternatively, take the waist size of your pants and add 2 inches.

When you buy a belt, you want to buy it for the middle hole length. But having 2 holes on either size gives you an extra 2 inches of flexibility in either direction. With a properly sized belt, you can still wear it even as your body naturally goes through fluctuations (it happens to everyone, you're not alone).

I hope this helps some people out there that have been wanting to buy a Stewart Leatherworks belt, but have been too timid to ask.

Stay tuned for more hot tips like this about the exciting world of belts!

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