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Caring For Your Leather

Solid leather can last you a long time, even with basic maintenance. Wiping it down, storing it properly, and keeping it clean are just a few ways you can prolong the life of your leather belts and other accessories. Wiping your leather down will remove any small bits of dust or other debris from the surface. By not doing this, there's a risk of those small bits embedding in the leather and causing super small cuts to the surface. Albeit small, over time those cuts can add up to something bigger and then, "out of nowhere" your belt breaks.

When you're not wearing your belt, you should make sure to take it off the pants and roll it up before putting it away. When leather belts are left on the pants, they have a tendency to curve. Add to this that if you just doff your pants and the weight of the pant is stressing the belt in any way, the belt will train to that shape and may not fit as well over time. Properly stored belts also look really pleasing, and you can't put a price on that.

Cleaning your leather is a different beast from just wiping it down. It is recommended that you oil leather every 6 months or so. This isn't a necessary step, but it will help keep your leather looking it's best. However, because there is some skill involved, it is best to do some additional research if you're unsure you can do it.

Start by wiping down the leather with a damp cloth, then let it sit and dry completely for 24 hours. Then, take a small amount of oil (mink oil is a favourite) on a cloth, and gently work it into the leather in small circles. Too much oil will oversaturate the leather and collect more dirt. Too little oil and it won't do much for the leather. Let it sit for an hour, then apply a wax or leather protectant spray.

These are just a few easy ways to keep your leather looking it's best. Hopefully these tips will provide you some insight into prolonging the life of your leather belts and accessories.

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