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What Makes Solid Leather Better?

You can buy inexpensive leather belts. They exist by the 1,000's, but there's a problem: they just don't last. They look like they're really good quality; they shine, they have a nice buckle, maybe they even have some sewing on the edges. But the finish hides the issue. Under that glossy artificial leather coating is typically some type of fibrous polyester. And once the seams split on the sewing, that $15 belt is hurtling towards splitsville. Luckily, solid leather belts have got your back (and your pants). Solid/100%/real leather is just that - leather. Our belts are cut from real leather. Period. Solid leather is strong, durable, and, in the long run, affordable. But because they can look similar to the artificial stuff, people don't give it a second look after the price tag. The first thing to consider is the tensile strength. On average, solid leather can withstand over 1,500 pounds/square inch before tearing. This number will fluctuate based on the thickness of the leather, but the point remains; real leather is strong. The fibers are woven together to provide more strength, and the edges don't fray and start a chain reaction.

Leather also lasts forever - generally. If you take good care of leather, it will last you for decades. A few small things (available in our post here) will help give your leather an easier time lasting, but generally, good leather will last because it doesn't break down with use. A myth about leather is you shouldn't wear it in winter because it will crack. Have you ever seen a cow crack? Artificial leather can crack, sure, but real leather? Never. And finally, solid leather is affordable, when you think about the age. If you spend $20 on an artificial leather belt, you might get 6 months out of it, maybe a year. And then you buy a new one for $20. And then a year later, buy another one. In 3 years, you've spent $60 on belts. But a solid leather belt from us? $50, and it's yours for decades. If it lasts you even 5 years, you've spent $10 a year on belts - HALF of the $20 you would have spent alternatively. If it lasts you 10 years? That's $5 a year. You can see where I'm going.

So why not invest in a solid leather belt that has the strength, durability, and affordability to grow old with you? While you think about it, cruise our selection here ;)

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